white oak Aurora West Forest Preserve

Sugar Grove Township

40W032 Hankes Rd.
Aurora, IL

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Aurora West Forest Preserve, a 715-acre property, was part of the historical “Sugar Grove” in the early years of Kane County. Much of the land was plowed for row crop agriculture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but some timber was left standing. The majority of the area remained in agriculture until the District purchased the initial 117 acres in 1977. Another 64 acres were obtained by 2000, and with the assistance of an acquisition grant, an additional 351 acres were added in 2000. The final 205 acres were acquired n 2005.
The Kane County Department of Environmental Management has worked extensively on a stormwater retention project here at Aurora West Forest Preserve. In conjunction with the County’s project, the District’s restoration efforts have involved restoring hydrology, recreating wetlands, reintroducing prairie plants, and removing invasive vegetation. As an ecological mosaic of prairie, marsh, and woodland communities, this preserve supports a host of native animals.
There is an active volunteer stewardship program here, offering many opportunities for citizens to get involved in habitat restoration.
A multi-purpose trail, constructed with grant funding as an extension of the Mid-County Regional Trail, traverses the preserve and connects to the Virgil Gilman regional bike trail, originating in Aurora.
There is a model airplane field to the north of the parking lot.
The preserve is designated as an off-leash dog area, but a portion of the preserve is off-limits for dogs. This restricted use area is set aside for wildlife habitat protection. Please follow all Rules and Regulations regarding use of these areas.