white oak Fox River Shores Forest Preserve

Dundee Township

716 Williams Rd.
Carpentersville & Algonguin, IL

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This beautiful stretch of the Fox River was an instant success when it opened in 1988. The one mile long waterfront is a major attraction of this site and summer weekends are alive with visitors. Natural history interests include the hillsides away from the river that are lined with springs and seeps forming "hanging fens". Rare plants such as Vanilla Grass, Tway Blade Orchid and Turtle Head are common in these fens. In early May the drier portions of the hills are covered with Pink Flowering Crabapples and White Plums. The Fox River Bike Trail runs the length of the property.
The Algonquin Shores properties indicated on this map are mostly floodplain. The Forest Preserve District in conjunction with the County has been buying delinquent property, as well as property for sale since the early 1980's. The attempt is to make the river edge public and eliminate building and zoning problems.
The map also shows the bicycle trail. It was created in 1988 following the abandonment of the C&NW railroad valley spur. The area is rapidly urbanizing with Algonquin annexing into Kane County, which has made this trail extremely popular.

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