white oak Meissner Prairie - Corron Forest Preserve

Plato Township
Campton Township

Corron Rd.
St. Charles, IL

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The Meissner-Corron Forest Preserve encompasses 620 acres and is one of the most botanically significant sites in the entire District system. The site was evaluated as part of the 1970s Illinois Natural Areas Inventory and the wetland area has a native plant index of 56.76. More than 50 species of native plants grow here.
The preserve contains a small, yet significant, wetland complex containing fen, wet prairie and sedge meadow plant communities. A diverse complement of flora persists at this preserve, including the extremely rare species Indian paintbrush, Michigan lily and white lady's slipper orchid. The white lady's slipper orchid has been listed as Threatened by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This preserve harbors the only known population of the Indian paintbrush in all of Kane County.