white oak Geocaching

Geocaching is basically treasure hunting with global positioning systems (GPS).

A geocache is placed in a specific location, the coordinates of which are listed on the Internet. GPS users then use a cache’s coordinates to help locate the actual cache. The caches typically contain a small variety of trinkets. Users are expected to take one item, leave one item for a future user, sign the logbook, and then return the cache to its original location.

As geocaching is a fun, unique way to get people outside and into the forest preserves, the Forest Preserve District of Kane County supports this recreational activity.

The Forest Preserve District has established official regulations for placing a geocache on District property, including areas where geocaches can and cannot be placed. Many of our preserves contain sensitive plant and/or wildlife communities, and these areas are off-limits for geocaching. It is imperative that these off-limits areas are respected by the geocaching community.

At this time, there are 20 preserves where a limited number of caches may be placed. To place an authorized geocache on District property, you must submit a completed Application for Geocache Placement to the District. Once approved, a vinyl sticker giving notice that the container is a permitted geocache must be affixed to the container where it will be visible to Forest Preserve District personnel and preserve users.

Full details are available at the following links:

For more information on geocaching, contact the Forest Preserve District of Kane County at (630) 232-5980