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The Outdoors Native Illinois wildflowers bloom on the summer prairie

Since 1925, the Forest Preserve District has worked to preserve and restore Kane County's natural areas, improve wildlife habitat, and enhance the quality of life for all Kane County residents. We invite you to visit the forest preserves and enjoy a quiet walk, embark on a camping weekend, picnic with friends and family, learn about nature, bird watch, fish, golf, ride, volunteer, or simply experience the wonder of our more than 20,000 of acres of woodlands, wetlands and prairies. No matter the time of year, there's plenty to see and do in your Kane County forest preserves.

Preserves are open every day, sunrise to sunset.

For information about the Kane Forest Preserve Foundation, or to Adopt a Turtle, see the Get Involved section of this website.

Prevent Tick Bites: Ticks exist year-round in Illinois, but are most active in April - July. Beware that ticks may be found anywhere outdoors. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) advises the following precautions you can take to help prevent tick bites:
  1. Wear protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, pants, boots or sturdy shoes and a hat. Ticks are easier to detect on light-colored clothing. Tuck your pant legs inside your socks.
  2. Apply insect repellent containing 10-30 percent DEET primarily to clothes.
  3. Walk in the center of trails, so weeds do not brush up against you.
  4. Check yourself, children and pets for ticks.
  5. Remove any tick promptly. The best way to remove a tick is to use tweezers. Grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible. Gently but firmly pull it straight out.
  6. Thoroughly wash any tick bite areas and your hands with soap and water. Apply an antiseptic to the bite site.
  7. Call a doctor if you develop a rash or fever.
For more information, visit the IDPH website or the Centers of Disease Control at www.cdc.gov/ticks.

Horse Trails are currently OPEN for riding.

Pandemic response:

Throughout the pandemic, Kane County forest preserves and trails have remained open during regular hours, sunrise to sunset, every day.

June 11th Update: Kane County is currently in Phase 5: Illinois Restored of the state's Coronavirus Response plan. Please be aware of the following operational updates:

* Certain nature programs and/or activities (for example, summer camps) may continue to wear masks and/or encourage social distancing, as appropriate.
* Those who are fully vaccinated can resume activities without wearing a mask, except as required by government regulation, local business and workplace guidance.
* Those who are not vaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask.

Online Programs: For those who choose not to come out to the preserves at this time, we'll bring them to you! See our "Nature Virtually Everywhere" series of nature programs.

Public Meetings: Until further notice, all public meetings of the Forest Preserve District will take place remotely via web conference and at the Kane County Government Center. To view slides or hear livestream audio of District meetings, visit our YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/fpdkc or click below:

Click Here To View/Hear Livestream

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