Learn how to Identify Ephemerals this Spring


Ephemerals are woodland plants that emerge early in spring, and flower before the trees leaf out. This spring, help track when and where spring ephemerals are emerging from March 1 - May 31 on your walks anywhere in Kane County (a forest preserve, a park, or your own back yard). 

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Become a Community Scientist and Make an Impact


Community science, or citizen science, is research conducted by members of the general public — people just like you! Community scientists learn more about the world around them while having a real impact on local land management decisions and global-scale ecological solutions.

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Become an Evergreen Expert this Winter


Kane County winters may look bleak and dreary, but the bright green colors of evergreen trees provide a little pop of color. Head over to LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve to learn about these cone-bearing trees and the specific features we can use to identify different evergreen species.

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