Meeting dates & location

The Forest Preserve Commission meets monthly to consider all business recommended through the Executive Committee.

The Commission typically meets at 9 a.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, prior to regular monthly County Board meetings. Our full 2021 Meeting Calendar and interactive Calendar note the dates and times for all Forest Preserve District meetings. Be advised that meeting locations, dates and times are subject to change.

Due to the pandemic, Full Commission meetings are currently being held remotely via web conference and at:

Kane County Government Center
719 South Batavia Avenue, Building A
Geneva, IL 60134

To view slides or hear livestream audio of Forest Preserve Commission meetings, visit our YouTube channel at or click below:

Requests to Speak

If you wish to speak at an Executive Committee meeting, you must submit a completed Request to Speak Form. You may submit the form online no later than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting, or you may submit the form in person to the Committee Secretary no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.


Kane County Board members serve a dual role as Commissioners for both the County Board and the Forest Preserve Commission. The Forest Preserve President is elected every two years by the Commission. The Forest Preserve President, in turn, appoints Commissioners to serve on each Committee. The President of the Forest Preserve District of Kane County is a member of all committees.

Officers of the Kane County Forest Preserve Commission are:

  • President Christopher W. Kious
  • President Pro-Tem Mavis Bates
  • Treasurer Drew Frasz
  • Secretary Myrna Molina
  • Assistant Secretary Ken Stanish


The green and black boxes below are all clickable tabs. The current selection is highlighted in green with an arrow directly below it. To activate a section, simply click on a box to select it:


Christopher W. Kious
Monica Silva
District 7
Deborah Allan
District 17
Mavis Bates
Michelle Gumz
District 8
Drew Frasz
District 18
Myrna Molina
Tom Koppie
District 9
Mohammad Iqbal
District 19
Drew Frasz
David Brown
District 10
Cherryl Strathmann
District 20
Myrna Molina
District 1
John Martin
District 11
Cliff Surges
District 21
Dale Berman
District 2
Ken Shepro
District 12
Vern Tepe
District 22
Anita Marie Lewis
District 3
Todd Wallace
District 13
Christopher W. Kious
District 23
Mavis Bates
District 4
Mark Davoust
District 14
Jarett Sanchez
District 24
Bill Lenert
District 5
Barbara Wojnicki
District 15
Ron Ford
District 6
Michael Kenyon
District 16

To contact Forest Preserve Commissioners:
Click here for a link to Kane County's website, which includes contact information for each Commissioner. Email addresses are also available by selecting the link to each individual Commissioner's page.

notice, agenda & Minutes

Current Meeting Notice:


Current Meeting Agenda:


Date Minutes
October 12, 2021 Minutes
September 14, 2021 Minutes
August 10, 2021 Minutes
July 13, 2021 Minutes
June 8, 2021 Minutes
May 11, 2021 Minutes
April 13, 2021 Minutes
March 9, 2021 Minutes
February 9, 2021 Minutes
January 12, 2021 Minutes
December 8, 2020 Minutes
November 10, 2020 Minutes
October 13, 2020 Minutes
September 8, 2020 Minutes
August 11, 2020 Minutes
July 14, 2020 Minutes
June 9, 2020 Minutes
May 12, 2020 Minutes
April 14, 2020 Minutes
March 10, 2020 Minutes
February 11, 2020 Minutes
January 14, 2020 Minutes

Click here to view a combined list of Forest Preserve Commission and Kane County Board meeting notices, agendas and minutes.

Archived minutes

The District keeps up to a maximum of up to three years of minutes on its website (the current year, plus the prior two years). Minutes older than those listed below are available by contacting Executive Assistant Gabriella Figliozzi at 630-444-1075.
Date Minutes
January 8, 2019 Minutes
February 11, 2019 Minutes
March 12, 2019 Minutes
April 9, 2019 Minutes
May 7, 2019 Minutes
June 11. 2019 Minutes
July 9, 2019 Minutes
August 13, 2019 Minutes
September 10, 2019 Minutes
October 8. 2019 Minutes
November 12, 2019 Minutes
December 10, 2019 Minutes