Braeburn Marsh Forest Preserve

507 Western Ave.
Batavia, IL


This highly visible and busy urbanizing location is part of an extensive wetland and drainage system on the western side of Batavia and Geneva. Braeburn is a high-quality, restored wetland complex, about half open, shallow water and the other half a tapering mix of mudflat, rushes, reeds, low hummocks, scrub shrubs, willows and cottonwoods.

It is a stopover for many rare migrans and a nesting site for Sandhill Cranes.

Preserve Map


In 1998, the City of Batavia gave the Forest Preserve District 47 acres at the southeast corner of Randall Road and Fabyan Parkway, as part of a wetland mitigation and water detention project. Today, the marsh serves the dual purpose of providing flood control and wildlife habitat. The marsh teems with migrating birds, ducks and geese. The District expects to continue working with the city to enhance the wetland and grassland communities here.