Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls

40W095 Freeman Rd.
Gilberts, IL


Adjacent to Freeman Kane Forest Preserve is Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls, a 260-acre area devoted to youth group camping and recreation. If you're looking for a convenient location for youth camping for your scout, church, school, or other organized youth group, in a gorgeous, natural setting, you'll find it here.

Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls is set on rolling hills of oak-hickory woodlands, quality wetlands and open meadow areas. It provides endless opportunities for hiking and other activities. We offer both tent and lodge camping here.

Preserve Map

Camp Site Rental

Tent camping at Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls is specifically reserved for scouts and youth groups. Thirteen tent camping sites will accommodate up to 25 campers each, for a total of 325 youth campers. Groups may rent one or more tent camping sites.

The District will only provide free firewood for the fireplace inside the lodge. We will not provide free firewood for campsites. Youth groups have the following options for firewood:

  1. Campers may bring in their own firewood. We do not allow construction lumber, wooden pallets, or 2X4s to be used. Campers may not collect pieces of wood in the preserve to burn.

  2. Campers may purchase firewood from the District. You may purchase one bundle of firewood per night, per site at $10 per bundle. Each bundle will have 20 pieces of firewood. You will have to purchase firewood through District headquarters by the Wednesday afternoon of the week of your reservation. You will not be able to purchase firewood upon the arrival for your reservation or during the weekend that you are camping. Please let District headquarters know no later than Wednesday before your reservation whether you plan to bring firewood or purchase firewood.

  3. Campers may bring in their own firewood and purchase a bundle from the District, as well. All firewood must either be completely burned or left on site. No firewood will be allowed to be taken off site.

Tent camp sites are available at a discounted rate of $25 per night, per site, for youth groups within Kane County; and $50 per night, per site, for out-of-county youth groups.

Tent camp sites are not available for rental by the general public. Instead, see information on Paul Wolff Campground or Big Rock Campground.

Camping Map

Lodge Rental

In addition to tent camping, Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls features a large, rustic lodge equipped with bathrooms, stove, refrigerator, tables and chairs, and a wood-burning fireplace. The Tomo Lodge's capacity is 100 people. Overnight use is permitted for organized youth groups, however, no sleeping amenities are provided. Groups will need to bring their own cots or sleeping bags. There is a discount for groups renting 4 or more tent camping sites in conjunction with their Lodge rental.

Lodge Rental (with 4 or more camp site rentals)

Lodge rental is available at a discounted rate of $50 per day/night for youth groups within Kane County; and $75 per day/night for out-of county youth groups.

Lodge Rental (without 4 or more camp site rentals)

Lodge rental is available at a rate of $100 per day/night for youth groups within Kane County; and $150 per day/night for out-of-county youth groups.

Lodge rental (for the general public)

Daytime rental of the lodge is available to the general public when camp sites are not previously booked. This is the perfect spot to hold a reunion, shower, group picnic, or other daytime special event. Public rental of the Tomo Lodge is $150 for Kane County individuals; and $200 for those who reside outside Kane County. Hours for public lodge rental are 9 a.m. to sunset. Overnight rental by the general public is not permitted.


To reserve tent camping sites and/or the Tomo Lodge, or for more information, please call the Forest Preserve District of Kane County's reservations line at (630) 232-1242.


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