Fitchie Creek Forest Preserve

39W933 Russell Rd.
Elgin, IL


Fitchie Creek is a gentle place of exceptional biological diversity located northwest of the offset corner of Bowes and Nesler Roads in Plato Township. A 40 acre savannah woodland at the southwest corner rises above the meandering creek and nearby, placid 2 acre pond. It is a woods of tall, gracious trees including Lindens, 2 species of Cherry, 2 of Hickory, 3 Ashes and 5 Oaks including one craggy old Bur Oak witness tree that marked the section corner in the first survey of Kane County. The outer expanding rung has a rich assortment of Willows, Aspens, Cottonwoods and Plums, along with grape vines, Raspberries, Elderberries and Currents. A stream that is largely fed by a high quality wetland adjoins this rich array that is a special haven for wildlife.

This preserve includes a horseback riding area. Most horse trails are natural surface, mowed grass paths. Limestone screenings trails and asphalt bike trails are available in some of the preserves. These are multi-use trails shared with runners, bicyclists, dog walkers etc. Horse riders are required to stay on designated, forest preserve-maintained trails. Trail riding is not allowed in restricted natural areas, Illinois Nature Preserves, picnic areas or in farmed areas. To prevent trail damage during wet weather, trails may be temporarily closed. Individual forest preserves will post a sign at the entrance when horse trails are closed.  Trails are currently CLOSED for equestrian use at this preserve.

Preserve Map  Reserve Shelter #1

*Shelter 2 is not available to reserve, however, it is available to patrons enjoying the preserve.


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