Lone Grove Forest Preserve

Perry Rd.
Maple Park, IL


Lone Grove is a quiet "out in the country" preserve 2.5 miles northwest of the rural hamlet of Kaneville. For the most part, the surrounding land is flat open fields, but here along a tributary of Big Rock Creek, which acted as a partial firebreak, grew a forest. The historic Lone Grove, consisting of thick bark Bur Oaks and other sentinel trees, was able to survive the onslaught of prairie fires that swept through most of the area. Consequently, this attractive woodland largely remains as it was a thousand years ago.

When it comes to plant life, Lone Grove is especially interesting. For it is here on the prairie that many of the pre-settlement forbs and grasses have intermixed with the traditional herbaceous woodland plants. We have an enclave of great biodiversity, an island of ever changing form and color throughout the seasons. The rich, unspoiled wetlands along the creek are ablaze with flowers from late June through September. Coupled with the adjacent woodland, this place is a busy arena of wildlife activity – from butterflies to weasels!

Lone Grove is located 2.5 miles northwest of Route 47 in Kaneville. It is a nature preserve to best enjoyed on foot.



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