Sauer Family Prairie Kame Forest Preserve

44W705 Lasher Rd.
Elburn, IL


The Sauer Family Prairie Kame is named after the Sauer family, longtime residents and public servants of Sugar Grove. The preserve is an isolated landmark sentinel overlooking the extensive outwashed plains to the southwest. It is a prairie covered, assorted gravel pile around 30' high, situated on the leading edge of the great glaciers that moved through and retreated from this area some 12,000 years ago. It is visited by science classes, for it is regarded as one of the best examples remaining of this glacial form.

The view from the top southwest is one of the best the county has to offer. A few Indian relics found on the top indicated that native Americans lived here before us, and must also have thought that this was a good place to look out over the flat countryside for buffalo and other wild game.
Sauer - Prairie Kame is located west of Harter Road.


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