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Nature in a Nutshell

Citizen Science -- Stream Monitoring
Creek Bend Nature Center Is Back Open!
Chorus Frog Symphony
Frog Calls of Kane County
Lichen & Moss
Preserve Highlight -- Fabyan Forest Preserve
Preserve Highlight -- Les Arends Forest Preserve
Species Spotlight -- Fireflies
Species Spotlight -- Squirrels of Kane County
Scenes from Maple Sugaring 2022
Tallgrass Prairie (after a Burn)
Tallgrass Prairie

Nurtured by Nature Moments

How You See Things
Human Nature: Fear vs. Anxiety
Nurtured by Nature Hike

Out & About (Podcast)

The natural world is loaded with interesting learning opportunities, and the Forest Preserve District of Kane County has over 20,000 acres to explore! Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the District, and have some fun with Naturalist Josh as we highlight the wonderful ways to enjoy our open spaces.
Out & About Podcast

nature detectives at home (Video)

Can you use your deduction skills to identify some amazing local animals? Our Naturalist will show you some skulls, fur and other animal evidence as clues and challenge you to figure out which Illinois animals we're highlighting. Submit your guesses and we'll reveal the winning answer on social media.
Nature Detectives at Home Video

Virtual seed harvest (Video)

Have you heard about the wildly popular Forest Preserve District of Kane County seed harvests? Have you wondered what these involve? Watch this video to see how easy, fun and educational these weekly harvesting events can be!
Virtual Seed Harvest Video

Temporary nature art (VIDEO)

We'll inspire you to use your artistic tendencies out in nature, using nature! In this virtual program, we'll share a few examples of artwork that you can make in your local forest preserves, without harvesting or damaging the natural habitat in the process.
Temporary Nature Art Video

Cosmic Science (VIDEO)

Forces in our cosmos affect life here on Earth in more ways than you might imagine. We'll explore the impact of the sun and moon on the celestial bodies in our solar system. We'll even introduce some fun cosmic activities you can do in the comfort of your own home using common household items. Prepare to be mesmerized!
Cosmic Science Video

Protecting Dark Skies (Zoom Webinar)

Open your eyes and hearts to the joys of the night! As a delegate of the International Dark-Sky Association, Adam Kreuzer is passionate about teaching about the beauty of dark skies and the ways we can protect the night from light pollution. Tune in to hear Adam explain the concept of light pollution, discuss the impact of light pollution on humans and wildlife, and explore with us how we can restore dark skies in our own communities.
Protecting Dark Skies Webinar Video

Trees and Their Leaves (VIDEO)

Go on a virtual autumn walk through the beautiful Johnson's Mound Forest Preserve with Environmental Education Manager Barb McKittrick. Learn about how important woodlands are during this episode about "Trees and Their Leaves."
Trees and Their Leaves Video

Witness Trees (Zoom Webinar)

Have you ever looked at a giant of a tree, perhaps a big oak, and wondered what historical events it experienced during its lifetime? Some of these impressive trees are called "witness trees" and they have a special place in the history of Illinois. Surveyors in the early 1800s relied on witness, or "bearing," trees as landmarks for creating the earliest state land surveys and plat maps. During this webinar, we'll share the history of Illinois' witness trees and provide tools for you to discover witness trees in your own area!
Witness Trees Zoom Webinar

Geology of Illinois (Zoom Webinar)

Come explore the dynamic processes that shaped the great diversity of habitats in Illinois. This Zoom Webinar is a brief overview of a very complex topic, explained in terms that everyone can understand!
Geology of Illinois Zoom Webinar

Preserve Highlight: Johnson's Mound Forest Preserve (VIDEO)

With over 100 properties, there's plenty to see and do in your Kane County forest preserves. Join a Naturalist as we explore the beauty and biodiversity of some of our favorite preserves during each episode of this virtual program series.
Preserve Highlight: Johnson's Mound Forest Preserve Video


Can you "Guess this Preserve?" Check out the Forest Preserve District's social media pages on Jan. 14 to test your knowledge of our local natural areas. One of our Naturalists will share photos, facts, riddles and video clips to help solve the preserve mystery and submit your best guess. Find out if you are a true nature detective!

Appalachian Trail: A Wilderness Experience (Zoom Webinar)

Join Environmental Education Manager Barb McKittrick for a travelogue about her backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail. Barb will present the history of the trail and the ecology of this beautiful part of the country.

Animal Seasonal Adaptations (VIDEO)

Winter can be a challenging season. Ice, snow, and frigid temperatures will leave any hiker desperate for the comfort of a cozy fireplace. Our local wildlife do not have the same luxury, and have to adapt to the changing seasons in all manner of interesting ways. Tune in to learn about how their survival depends on adaptation!

Maple Sugaring in the Digital Age (VIDEO)

Want to learn the history and process of maple tree tapping and syrup production but can't join one of our maple sugaring events in person? Jump into this virtual tour to explore the fascinating world of maple syrup.

Spring Frog Serenade (VIDEO)

Listen to the sounds of spring and discover who is behind the chorus that welcomes the new season.

Springtime Wildflower Identification and Use (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered what people did before the existence of grocery markets, hardware stores, restaurants and local pharmacies? In this program, we'll reveal many traditional uses of our local and native wildflowers and share with you tips on identifying specific species.

Treasure Hunt Adventure (Virtual)

Hit the trails with your friends and family and experience our Kane County forest preserves like never before! This interactive, virtual treasure hunt will feature fun facts, hidden clues, and completion prizes. A guided video will lead you to several locations within LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, where you will learn about local ecology and then find secret markers to track your progress. When finished, be sure to stop by Creek Bend Nature Center to claim your reward!
Fee: $5/group

Wonderful Wildflowers (VIDEO)

Join us as we highlight the beautiful flowers that adorn the woodlands of Kane County. Together, let's explore the identifying features and interesting folklore that surround these colorful native species.

Durant House Museum Virtual Visit (VIDEO)

Take a trip back in time and learn all about the wonders of pioneer life. This virtual tour will showcase the historic Durant House, a prairie farmhouse constructed in 1843.

Build a Butterfly Feeder (VIDEO)

Tune in to see how you can build your very own butterfly feeder using common household items or with a simple-to-use kit available for purchase at Creek Bend Nature Center. Hang your completed project up at home to attract beautiful butterflies to your yard! (Optional kit costs $5).

Composting with Worms (VIDEO)

Turn your kitchen scraps into garden gold! Come learn about the benefits of composting at home with worms. During this program, we'll take an in-depth look at the science behind vermicomposting and explore the role of red wriggler worms in home composting systems. You'll leave this class with all the knowledge necessary to build your own home vermicomposting bin.

Guess the Preserve (VIDEO)

With over 100 preserves encompassing more than 20,000 acres, there's plenty to see and do in our Kane County forest preserves! Join a naturalist as we explore the beauty and biodiversity of some of our favorite preserves during each episode of this virtual program series.

Creating a bird-friendly home (VIDEO)

If you enjoy observing wild birds around your property, you probably know there are ways to increase your chances of spotting them. To learn more tricks and hints for attracting a wide diversity of different bird species, tune in and enjoy this video program. Forest Preserve District Naturalists will explain some of the best ways to entice local birds, as well as techniques for protecting and nurturing the feathered friends that visit your home.

Creatures of the Night (VIDEO)

When the sun goes down, the creatures of the night awake at our local forest preserves. The spooky myths and legends accompany these creepy crawlers are enough to give anyone goosebumps. Separate fact from fiction and learn about some of the creatures that go "bump in the night" during this virtual program.

Owls of Kane County (VIDEO)

Rarely seen, but very important to the local food chain, the owls of Kane County fill a unique niche in our forest preserves. Find out what species of owls we have locally and learn about their habits and behaviors in this virtual program.

Wildlife Crafting (VIDEO)

Follow along and make a winter themed craft for you or your loved ones during this holiday season video.

Conifer Concoctions (VIDEO)

During the winter months, we often see picturesque evergreens with their dark leaves shrouded in snow, but did you know that some conebearing trees are actually edible? You're invited to learn about the many flavors of our beloved regional conifers.

Thursday, Jan. 27

Animal Tracks & Trails (VIDEO)

Tune in to learn about the various types of animal signs you can discover while exploring Kane County trails and natural areas. A Forest Preserve District naturalist will teach you how to identify animal tracks, and to hone your observational skills in order to recognize the subtle clues that animals leave behind.

Thursday, Feb. 24

Freshwater Mussels in the Fox River Watershed (VIDEO)

With names like Plain Pocketbook and White Heelsplitter, mussels are mysterious and often misunderstood creatures. Learn about the life cycle and ecology of these highly threatened species and our District's collaborative efforts with the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County's Urban Stream Research Center to propagate, rear and release imperiled and vulnerable mussel species into the Fox River watershed.

Thursday, March 24

Animal Babies (VIDEO)

Cuteness fills the preserves every spring as a new generation of wildlife is born. Learn about the animal babies that make their homes in Kane County during this adorable video post.

Thursday, April 21

Preserve spotlight: Freeman kame-meagher forest preserve (VIDEO)

Sit back, relax and enjoy a virtual tour through one of the Forest Preserve District's hidden gems. This property covers over 1,000 acres in the northern part of the county - there's quite a lot to explore!

Thursday, June 23
Preserve Spotlight Video

Guess the Forest Preserve! (VIDEO)

The Kane County Forest Preserve District encompasses more than 23,000 acres of woodlands, wetlands and prairies across nearly 100 properties. How long will it take you to figure out which preserve is featured in this virtual, video presentation?

Thursday, July 28
Guess the Forest Preserve Video

The Wonder of Owls (VIDEO)

Did you know that Illinois is home to eight species of owls? Learn about the unique markings, habitats and lifestyles that help identify each of these beautiful birds of prey. After seeing the special adaptations and hearing the amazing and varied calls of our local owls, you'll have a new appreciation for these nocturnal birds!

Thursday, Aug. 25
The Wonder of Owls Video