If event involves approval from additional organization or individual a copy of written approval must be attached with this request.

Special event applications may be submitted as early as Oct. 1 for Kane County residents and Nov. 1 for non-residents each calendar year, and no later than 10 business days prior to the event. Larger events may require Forest Preserve Commission approval and should be submitted 90 days prior to an event.

Please submit the following with your Special Event Request Form:

The following items must be submitted no later than 10 business days before your event:

This form and necessary attachments may be returned by fax or email for preliminary review.

Fax: (630) 232-5924

Email: kcfpres@kaneforest.com

* "Entertainment" is defined as activities performed by staff or volunteers of the organization and/or contracted vendors for such items as music, performances, moon bounces, children's activities, etc.